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Confessions of a SuperFake Icon

The unapologetic true story of the first incidence of recognized Technopathy at Northern University’s College of Heroic Aptitude, as told by Lexus Roberts.

About the Novel

Lexus Roberts can build anything. That’s what brings the hothead teenager to the engineering program at Northern University, three thousand miles away from Georgia. But after a bloody fight on the first day of classes, Lex stumbles across a building that’s not on any campus maps. The College for Heroic Aptitude trains superheroes for a secret organization called the Collective, and Lex wants in.

Lex fakes a superpower with mad engineering skills, but when family medical debt enters the picture, Lex creates a super-villain alter ego to get money fast. Life destabilizes, weapons grow more volatile, until Lex’s ultimate loyalties are tested.