Status: In Progress: Beta Reading

Four Teens & an Apocalypse Icon

“Fate will determine if this world survives. Ether, we live; else, we die.” —Unknown

A soldier, a shifter, a demon, and a demon slayer walk into a bar. JK, no. They’re all teenagers.

About the Novel

Xan deserted from the military when he was 12, with his best friend and "neutral" demon, Ko. He's thirteen when they run into a shifter, Alyssa, and a demons-slayer, Mars, on a mission to rescue the beautiful Sakura Nova. But Miss Nova is more than she appears. These four unlikely friends face increasingly absurd challenges, from human supremacists to scientist dogs, deadly virtual-reality, giant mech-suits, and a Ragnarok cult bent on releasing a demon-snake the size of a continent. Life is hard when you're a teen in an #apocalypse.

Meet the team:
  • Xan: A 13-year-old ex-child-soldier with a tenuous grasp on human emotions.
  • Ko: A very young angst demon who insists on neutrality, and wifi.
  • Alyssa: An angry 17-year-old fighter from a nearly extinct race of shape-shifters.
  • Mars: An AWOL demon-slayer with a big heart and even bigger hair.